Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What September (May) Hold

Spoiler Alert: The September issue of Vogue has a new face for the cover this year (as far as we know) and that is the slightly awkwardly photographed Charlize Theron. As it stands, the legendary issue will be filled with only 584 pages (staggeringly less as compared to last years 798 pages) of beauty, lifestyle, and fashion. The reason? Well, let's face it, Vogue the size of a Harry Potter book would be silly in these economic times. I think Charlize has just the right amount of (insert perfect word here) to sell more copies than Vogue's competitors. Let's just hope Jon and Kate plus Jon's 8 women won't be on the cover of Elle, then Vogue might really have to rethink their cover girl...

Will you buy the legendary biblical September issue this year?

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