Monday, August 10, 2009

Stella's Precious World

A Doe, A Deer...

Stella Mcartney's Fall 2009 ad campaign: thoughts?

No doubt McCartney junior is a well known activist for animal rights, but of all of the Disney films, I dare say Bambi might be my least favorite...that is until now. At first glance you'd think this picture is just a photoshop job gone terribly wrong, but the unique contrast between forest, fawn, and fashion leaves me with the distinct impression that Stella may have created a sensational ad campaign. We can expect to see these ads in the September issues of Italian, French, and British Vogue, V, and Another Magazine.

On another slightly related note, I popped into her flagship store in London earlier this year, and not only was the store a dead-ringer for a modern, simple, airy cloud-forest, the music being played was by none other than the only man to ever have my full heart, Neil Young. It seems she is just as thorough with her stores' atmospherics as she is with her collections. I've trailed off...Either way, Brava, Stella.

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