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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Preview of an upcoming photo shoot for Elle. Dying.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gilt Group launches more affordable alternative

Everyone's favorite sample sale website will set out to please even more recessionistas come noon tomorrow by creating Gilt Fuse, the cheaper version of Gilt Group. Discounts on McQueen, Zac Posen, and Missoni are exciting all, but 60% off of that will still cost a pretty penny. Gilt Fuse will offer brands more along the price line's of Marc by Marc Jacobs, Tracy Reese, BCBG, and many more.

Just like Gilt Group, a membership to Gilt Fuse will be invitation only, but if you are a member of Gilt Group already then you are automatically accepted. Don't worry, it's not as high school as it sounds, no one gets rejected and everyone leaves happy.

Model in the Mirror

It's what Michael Jackson always wanted and now it is happening, to look like a young, sassy, blonde, pasty British woman. The editor's at Harper's Bazaar are about to do Michael Jackson very proud in depicting images of legendary model Agyness Deyn in their upcoming September issue as a tribute to the late Prince of Pop. Photographer, Terry Richardson, could not be a more perfect fit to capture all of this. My love for all three of these talents makes me 100% giddy about this news.

The pressure is on, Agyness, you better not screw this up. But by the looks of this picture I have a feeling you won't.

Things That I Think Are Worthy (and under $100)

I'm no money maker, so thank god for these websites. Here are some items that I've taken note of lately due to their cute factor and price point. Enjoy.
Old Navy floral umbrella ($9.50)
Topshop striped tunic ($40)
Nine West brown clog ($79)
Feature blue mesh crop top ($52)
Casio gold watch (about $50)
Fletcher by Lyell black silk shorts ($58)
American Apparel two-sided legging ($40)

What September (May) Hold

Spoiler Alert: The September issue of Vogue has a new face for the cover this year (as far as we know) and that is the slightly awkwardly photographed Charlize Theron. As it stands, the legendary issue will be filled with only 584 pages (staggeringly less as compared to last years 798 pages) of beauty, lifestyle, and fashion. The reason? Well, let's face it, Vogue the size of a Harry Potter book would be silly in these economic times. I think Charlize has just the right amount of (insert perfect word here) to sell more copies than Vogue's competitors. Let's just hope Jon and Kate plus Jon's 8 women won't be on the cover of Elle, then Vogue might really have to rethink their cover girl...

Will you buy the legendary biblical September issue this year?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Stella's Precious World

A Doe, A Deer...

Stella Mcartney's Fall 2009 ad campaign: thoughts?

No doubt McCartney junior is a well known activist for animal rights, but of all of the Disney films, I dare say Bambi might be my least favorite...that is until now. At first glance you'd think this picture is just a photoshop job gone terribly wrong, but the unique contrast between forest, fawn, and fashion leaves me with the distinct impression that Stella may have created a sensational ad campaign. We can expect to see these ads in the September issues of Italian, French, and British Vogue, V, and Another Magazine.

On another slightly related note, I popped into her flagship store in London earlier this year, and not only was the store a dead-ringer for a modern, simple, airy cloud-forest, the music being played was by none other than the only man to ever have my full heart, Neil Young. It seems she is just as thorough with her stores' atmospherics as she is with her collections. I've trailed off...Either way, Brava, Stella.